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Is your phone not working properly? In our day and age, having a phone is probably one of the most important things. But we all take for granted these devices until they break. Cracked screens and low battery life are two of the most common problems a person could have with a phone. It happens from time to time to drop your phone on the ground. My company – ACruz iDevices Repairs is located in San Francisco, CA, and I know all the disadvantages of using your phone too much or the consequences of dropping on the ground. I’m able to provide you with the following services:

Affordable electronic repair in San Francisco, CA 94080

Tablet repairiPhone screen replacement. Are you enjoying your iPhone?. It’s all rainbows and sunshine when your phone is in perfect condition, but what happens when you drop it on the ground? The Apple logo and the whole display becomes shattered into small pieces. How to fix that, you may ask? It’s pretty simple – take your iPhone to my repair service shop, and I can fix it because I’m an iPhone repair expert who can fix your screen and more.

Samsung screen replacement. Not an iOS fan? I can also help customers who use Android as well. Samsung devices are easy to break, just like iPhone ones. That is why I can be your professional electronic specialist and repair it.

Call (650) 452-0733 for reliable electronic repair in San Francisco, CA 94080

iPad screen replacement. Apple tablets are innovative and if you have one – nice choice. But they are like the phones, just bigger. And bigger screens mean a bigger chance of you to dropping it. It can be shattered into pieces, that’s why I can fix it at an affordable price.

Come to my repair shop! ACruz iDevices Repairs is located in San Francisco, CA, feel free to contact me at (650) 452-0733. I also serve .


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