With any handheld device, there are risks of damage. The iPhone is no exception. The most common damage that iPhone owners encounter includes a cracked screen scratches on the backing and the screen, and a damaged home button. Though most of the damage can be fixed by a certified iPhone repair service, some of them make the iPhone unusable.

Most Common iPhone Damage According To A Reliable iPhone Repair Service from San Francisco, CA 94080

iPhone repair service

Cracked Screen

A cracked screen is one of the most common forms of damage to an iPhone. The iPhone’s glass screen proved to not be strong enough to endure against the day to day phone drops that their client’s cause.

Although Apple already reinforced the glass screen since its debut, a cracked screen is still very common for iPhones.


Aside from cracked screens, scratches on the shell and screen are very common for iPhone owners. This damage may not affect the iPhone’s function ability, it can make your expensive iPhone less appealing. In order to preserve the prime of your iPhone, you need to purchase screen covers and a protective hard case. If you already have minor scratches on your phone, you can take it to a certified iPhone repair shop and have them repair the cosmetic damage.

Damaged Home Button

Due to excessive use, iPhone owners often discover that the home button becomes damaged or stuck. This is mostly caused by the owner pressing the home button too hard or continually touching it with soiled fingers. To fix the damage you can try cleaning the button. If you clean the button and find that it is still stuck or damaged, you may have to take it to a repair shop.

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