Phone and tablet screens are very sensitive to damage. Since the screen is made from glass, they easily break once they fall. Once if they’re actually broken already, you are left with two choices: either you replace them or repair them. Now, this situation can actually be solved depending on the effect of the damage. Want to know whether you need iPad screen replacement or repair? Here are these situations:

Situations That Suggest You Should Have iPad Screen Replacement From a Local Expert in San Francisco, CA

iPad Screen ReplacementSituation #1: If the iPad screen has a small crack

Whenever you noticed that your iPad screen has a small crack, you have to take good care of it. One way for you to maintain it is by investing your money on a more durable screen protector. That will reduce the risk of the small crack to grow big, especially if you just place them directly in your bag without any covering or case.

Situation #2: If the iPad screen is completely shattered

If your iPad screen is completely shattered, that’s the time where you need to have iPad screen replacement. A shattered screen doesn’t just hinder you from reading the messages cleanly on your tab, but they also pose risk to you and your family’s safety. Also, some iPad screens don’t function anymore when they’re shattered.That’s why you should replace it already.

Situation #3: If the iPad is soaked in water for how many minutes

Some iPads have less water resistance. That is why you need to be careful in handling your phone or your tab when you’re near in the water. If they fall on a wet place, and they’re soaked for how many minutes, check if the iPad is okay. If it does not function, have it replaced already.

Reliable iPad Screen Replacement services in San Francisco, CA

If you’re looking for a trusted shop in San Francisco, CA to provide you with topnotch iPad screen replacement, contact ACruz iDevices Repairs at (650) 452-0733.


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